Monday, August 20, 2012


2 cups of chopped red and white onion
7 cups of chopped tomatoes
1 Tablespoon vinegar
1/8 cup of olive oil
1 Tablespoon of minced garlic
4-6 chopped jalapeno peppers
about a cup of chopped fresh cilantro
salt to taste

The bummer side of this is that you have to actually heat the salsa just to boil in order to can it safely.  You can't cold can it.  It could still make you sick.  It needs to be warmed to a boil and make sure any bacteria has been sufficiently killed in order to properly preserve it.

I LOVE this recipe fresh and raw!  But when it comes to canned salsas, I lose interest.  So, you can either make this whole recipe and can it, or cut it in half or 1/4's and eat it up fresh.

To can, mix and put into 4 pre-sterilized pint canning jars

boiling water bath for 10 minutes

****Note****  Ingredients list for this came from my Chef brother Dean ****  I just added measurements.

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