Thursday, February 27, 2014

Encapsulate Your Own Fermented Cod Liver Oil

If you are following any of the health blogs these days, you'll see a lot of talk about the many benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil.  It's some really awesome stuff!  But gross!  Especially to anyone who is not incredibly fond of fish to begin with.  Let alone swallowing a mouthful of oil.  Ick!  My kids, take it no problems!  We mix 1/2 serving of orange fermented cod liver oil, and 1/2 butter oil.  We've done both plain, and butter pecan flavor and chase it with raw milk.  No problems.  Me though....  No way I'm even gonna try it!  I know myself well enough to know, it ain't happening!  So....the capsules are probably a much better option for me, right?

Well, yeah.  Probably.  Except I'm not made of money.  According to this article by holisticsquid,  I would need to take between 10-20 capsules a day.  I'll make it easy and say 12 because a bottle of capsules have 120.  That would be a 10 day supply for around $47.  So, you're talking almost $150 a month in fclo/bo capsules!!!!! WOW!  I don't know about you, but I just don't have that kind of money.  Plus, the capsules don't have the correct proportions of the oils.  They are 2/3 fclo and 1/3 butter oil.  The actual servings are much closer to 50/50.  Not exact, but closer.

Instead, I bought an encapsulation tool (The Capsule Machine "00" Capsule Machine 1 Kit) from our Frontier wholesale buying group (so the price I paid was cheaper than shown), plus the gelatin capsules.  That cost me $20 and then I fill my own with fclo and bo.   You can get those at this link Green Pasture's Products! Mix and match flavors, do just the fermented cod liver oil, or just butter oil separately, there are lots of options.

I had previously gotten an awesome deal on the Caramel Infused Coconut Oil.  1 serving (1/2 Tablespoon) has a serving of Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Butter Oil, Coconut Oil, and Skate Liver Oil.  1 container has 56 servings.  I paid $15 for it from a friend that bought a bunch of them and didn't like it so sold them off again.  That's what I used to encapsulate in the pictures.  However, you can encapsulate whatever you have.  Just mix in a bowl your Fermented Cod Liver Oil with equal servings of Butter Oil, mix, and use that.

I used the syringe that came with the oil to fill the capsules.  It can get messy if you aren't careful with the oil and squirt out too much at a time.  Or if the tops of the capsules don't go on well.  It took me a few times to not have a mess all over my counter, but today, I did three batches of 24 each and only had 1 botched capsule.  So much less mess than times before when I'd have 1 or 2 oops in each batch.

Following are the pictures I took along the way to show the process.

Put the empty capsules into the machine.  They actually get pushed down flush, but I wanted you to be able to see them in the machine.

Fill the capsules.

Put the tops on.

Here they are together.  I go through each one and push on it gently to make sure they are together well.

The final product!

Doing it this way, even if you paid FULL price for the fermented cod liver oil and butter oil ($44 + $60 = $104), and couldn't get into a bulk group order or any other discounts, you would come out paying just over $1 a day for your supplement.  Rather than the $5 a day previously mentioned if you bought the already blended capsules by Green Pasture.  Same great product, only a little cheaper with just a tad bit of work on your part.  That encapsulation tool, will end up paying for itself!  Think of all the other things you can use it for too!  In my world of growing and using herbs for health, it opens up all kinds of possibilities.  :)

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  1. Thank you for posting this! What size capsules did you use? "0" or "00"? I'm trying to decide which size machine I should order.

  2. I used the size 0 capsules and the measurement of that is about a teaspoon of the mixed oil per 6 capsules.

  3. Have you had any problems with the capsules disolving? I'm not sure whether to get gelatin or veg empty capsules. Thanks for the great post!

  4. I ended up encapsulating fermented rush and butter oil into both veg and gelatin capsules. Both have worked out fine! A week later and the capsules are perfect.

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