Thursday, February 12, 2015

Super Fast & Kid Friendly Cornflake Crusted Chicken Strips

This meal is one of those that comes together in 30 minutes or so and your kids can help you too.  It's so simple I feel a little silly even writing about it because I'd guess most people already have made something similar.  I'm sharing anyway for the sake of getting myself back in the habit of sharing.


3 cups of cornflakes (use whatever you want.  Organic, GMO free, Kellogg's, it's up to you)
2 Tablespoons melted butter (don't like butter, no problem!  Go with coconut oil or margarine)
1 teaspoon of paprika 
salt and pepper to taste
2-4 boneless skinless chicken breast

Bag of frozen veggies to steam while your chicken bakes

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees with a rack in the middle position.

You can ideally do this one quickly by putting the cornflakes, butter, paprika, salt and pepper in a food processor and zipping it up.  Or, you can let your kids help out by letting them zip it or.  OR, you can put the ingredients in a zip lock bag and let your kids crush it up really good.  Which is way more fun!

Cut the chicken breasts about a 1/2 inch thick, toss the pieces in the bag and shake til coated thoroughly.

Lay out in a single layer on a well greased cookie sheet and bake 20 minutes in your preheated 400 degree oven.

Get your pan of water to a rolling boil and toss your frozen veggies into a steamer basket for about 7-10 minutes.  Depending on what you're steaming up.  Or, you could microwave your veggies if you happen to choose that method as your preferred way.  Once the veggies are done, I like to pour out the water in the pan, dump the veggies into the hot pan with either some butter, or some cheese, and a few good shakes of Mrs. Dash.

Boom.  Dinner is done.

Throw away your baggie you crushed up your cornflakes in and coated the chicken pieces in cause you just saved yourself a few dishes by letting the kiddos beat up the cornflakes.  Not a lot of clean up to this meal!

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