Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simply Awesome Asparagus

A couple of years ago I had never eaten asparagus before!  Can you believe it!?  I've since tried to figure out my favorite way to fix it.  I like my veggies just barely cooked and still kind of crunchy.  I also believe this to be healthier than cooking til soft with most all vegetables.  Raw is possibly even best.

For asparagus, I like to flash cook it.  Snap off the ends of clean asparagus, line them in a single layer on a cookie sheet, drizzle with a tablespoon or two of liquid (or warmed if it's cold and will natural liquefy above 76 degrees)  coconut oil and roll the asparagus around in it so it's fully coated, sprinkle with garlic powder and wee bit of salt and pop in a preheated oven on broil for 5 minutes.  Perfect every time!

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